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Kymba is a responsible Video On Demand service specifically developed for children. The programmes Kymba offers are non-violent, funny, educational and without advertising. Get a subscription for € 4,99 per month.

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Kymba offers quality programmes that are fun, educational, non-violent and mostly of European origin. Kymba is advertisement free. Not only can children watch their favourite programmes in their own language with Kymba, but also in other European languages such as German, French or Dutch.

All programmes on Kymba come with a brief content description and guidance labels (including age indication).

About Kymba

Kymba provides an independent and alternative to watching TV in the form of a Video on Demand service. Kymba assists children in consciously choosing which programmes to watch. Kymba beliefs that children’s programmes should be funny, humorous, imaginative but also educational, exciting, child-friendly and should be non-violent. Kymba operates independent and focusses specifically on quality programmes of European origin, developed from a programme idea, (not in cooperation with the toy industry) with good storylines in the European tradition and with programmes that have an established value. 

We strive to increase the number of programmes as well as the number of language versions available for each programme. Also if your child is multilingual or grows up in a foreign country, he or she can enjoy programmes in his or her native language or any other preference.